Our Story!


My name is Ellie and I am the founder of Another Cup. As a self-proclaimed coffee addict I cannot live without my trusty Nespresso® machine but I can’t help but feel guilty about the single-use capsules that go to waste.

This is where Another Cup comes in… Swapping your regular single-use capsules for our stainless steel reusable capsules can help reduce some of the 30 billion single-use pods that find themselves in landfill each year.

Simply fill your Another Cup Capsule with ground coffee, compact your coffee using the tamper and pop into your Nespresso® compatible machine. Rinse out after and it’s ready to go again! Delicious coffee and helping to protect the planet from waste. 

Shop our capsule & tamper kits now- either for yourself or the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious coffee drinker.

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Why should you use our capsules?

Almost 30,000 coffee pods go to landfill every minute and take 500 years to decompose. The blend of aluminium and plastic is difficult to recycle and extremely long lasting.

With reusable pods you can eliminate your waste by refilling them with your own ground coffee. The pods can simply be washed out and used again and again.

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