Coffee Subscription Service

We have partnered with Pact Coffee to bring you delicious freshly ground coffee to fill your Another Cup Capsules with.

Each bag will give you 50+ cups of coffee- saving you approximately £150 per year if you drink 1-2 cups per day when comparing to standard single-use capsules.

Choose from the following options:
House Blend: Dark roasted with milk chocolate notes and a mild acidity. Made with 100% speciality grade coffee beans and an undeniably delicious taste.

Medium Roast: Made with Pact Bourbon Cream Espresso, with a creamy acidity, each sip rewards you with a full mouthfeel and slight sweetness. Blended from a combination of Brazilian Zaroca and Colombian El Diamante coffee.

Decaf: All the taste, without the caffeine. Pact decaffeinate green coffee as soon as it lands so you can enjoy maximum freshness.

More about Pact Coffee
Coffee that is better for farmers.
Pact make coffee that is making life better for people at source. All coffee is sourced directly from farmers who are paid on average 65% above the Fair-trade base.

Coffee that is better for the planet.
The plant varieties that are used aim to limit deforestation and we champion sustainable practices that are kind to the environment

Coffee that tastes delicious.
Tried and tested but over 50,000 coffee lovers and winner of a Great Taste Award, you’re in the right hands for delicious tasting coffee.

Coffee that works perfectly with Another Cup capsules.
For the capsules to work at their best the coffee needs to be of a fine-medium grind for the water to be able to filter through and create a delicious coffee. If the grind is too fine then the water may not be able to pass through the capsule. If the grind is too coarse the water will flow through too fast and create a weaker coffee. We have done the hard work for you and found the optimum blend!